Lost Decency

The image with the innocent children on the playground was taken by my niece on her trip to Afghanistan a couple years back. I feel that this image correlates with the book title in many ways. I would love to hear your interpretations of the photo. We are definitely considering incorporating this photo into the book cover as well. Also, I recently had a photo shoot for the book and I really like the way the photos turned out. Although it was somewhat difficult for me to go through the process, I truly enjoyed experiencing something new. I would love to share the photos with you  in later posts.

3 Responses to “Lost Decency”
  1. Nela says:

    Love the photo!

  2. Masuda Ranjber says:

    This picture speaks volumes; it brought back memories of my childhoold in the Kabul of early ’60s and ’70s when during the Eid holidays; we would gather with the other kids and spend our Eidy money to ride this. The picture not only is nostalgic for my generation but also brings hope for the future generation of Afghans. Thank you for sharing and wish you all the best with the book. – Masuda Ranjber

  3. Abdullah says:

    I bet the children in the photo were born during the war. As we all know it war is hell and this country is fighting illegal occupiers for over 30 years. The parents of these kids could have been killed or survived the night raids, torture, and drone attacks, yet they look for a peaceful world of fun.
    Why are we destroying their peaceful world? What happened to humanity? What happened to moral values they claim to posses?
    This conflict is fought with highly technologically advanced army, all they want is a post and some rope to make this simple merry go round to have fun.
    Billions spent on this war, all they want is on time meal
    In the game people are treated like bishops, nights and pawns, all they want is their father and brother.
    Conflicts is dealt with war instead of negotiations, no matter what the game plan is, all they want is PEACE
    If you answer the above three questions in your memoir, I will be the first to buy your book.


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